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A Basic Hair Regimen

December 8, 2013

Beautiful hair is a combination of nature and nurture. If your hair is long and healthy looking without having a hair routine, just know that means it could be even more healthy/beautiful! Do you know where to begin when it comes to a structured routine for your tresses? Don’t worry; a hair regimen doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, but you should make time to perform a basic set of steps on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy.

A hair regimen is simply a hair maintenance routine that will prevent hair breakage thereby promoting healthy hair growth. It’s a hair care system that you can use to support your established hair goals. Here are the basic steps you need to do regularly;

  1. Shampoo: Everyone knows they need to shampoo their hair to get the dirt and build up out but how often we should shampoo can be tricky. In my opinion, once a week is safe especially if you have chemically treated hair. If you are natural, you can shampoo less often perhaps every two weeks but you will need to co-wash in between.
  2. Deep Condition: This is one of the most important part of a hair regimen because moisture is what most of us lack. Our hair needs that deep moisture treatment every week especially if you use a lot of heat on your hair, if its dry season or if your hair is naturally dry. Otherwise, you can probably get away with deep conditioning every two weeks. Use a high quality moisturizing deep conditioner, not a protein one. You need to check labels to be sure of what you put on your hair. Egs of moisturizing deep conditioners are Keracare Humecto , Carols Daughter Tui or Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. 
  3. Protein Treatments:  Protein is needed to strengthen hair but it must be used with caution. We often do not know the difference between moisturizing deep conditioners and protein treatments and as a result, tend to over use protein. For relaxed ladies, use protein once a month at first and gradually reduce frequency to once in six weeks. For natural ladies, once in two months is ideal.  Relaxed ladies also need stronger protein treatments that natural ladies because the relaxer breaks the protein bonds in the hair. Egs of protein treatments  are ORS Hair Mayonnaise, Aphogee Reconstructors, Carols Daughter Monoi line, Aubrey Organics GPB.
  4. Co Wash: This is not mandatory to be honest but it helps. This is particularly helpful to natural ladies for detangling in between washes/dcs and to Muslim ladies when they perform their ghusls. It’s a hair saver! Lol. You should cowash mid-week or whenever you need to. Egs of cowashes are CD Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner, As I am coconut co wash.
  5. Daily Moisturizing and Sealing: This is a MUST for everyone!! You should use a leave in conditioner (cream or spray) followed by a sealant (oils or butters) daily. Yes! Every single day. In fact, when the weather is very dry, twice a day. You shouldn’t use a lot each time so as not to cause too much build up. A table spoon of leave in and a teaspoon of sealant is sufficient at each time. Remember to always start from your ends! Egs of leave ins are Giovanni direct leave in conditioner, kinky curly knot today, CD black vanilla or tui leave in etc. Egs of sealants are all natural coconut oil, olive oil, jojo ba oil, shea butter , mango butter etc (try out TR Customized Butters).

Please refer to previous blogs for in-depth details on each of these steps.

In summary, here is a basic hair regimen that you can follow. As time goes on, I’m sure you will find what works best for you in the gray areas and tweak it a little  bit to suit your individual hair needs:

•Sunday: Shampoo, deep condition, moisturize, seal.

•Monday: Moisturize and seal

•Tuesday:  Moisturize and seal

•Wednesday: Co wash, Moisturize and seal

•Thursday: Moisturize and seal

•Friday: Moisturize and seal

•Saturday: Moisturize and seal

•Once a month- six weeks / once in 2 months (natural hair): Protein treatment.

If you choose to deep condition every two weeks instead of every week, you could co wash the first weekend in between deep conditions as well. The whole point is not to let your hair dry out.

Remember: No regimen is complete without nightly protection in the form of a silk or satin hair cover or pillowcase.

So go on and begin your hair regimen today. No more excuses!!

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