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Redefining your hair

June 22, 2013

TRESSESS redefined FINAL LOGOWhen we think about hair, there are certain misconceptions that we have because that’s what we are used to. It’s time for us to change the way we think about hair and to promote healthy hair growth. There are so many misconceptions but I have narrowed down to the most important ones that are peculiar to Africans:

1. Our hair does not grow beyond a certain length unless you are mixed or you come from a family of women with long hair.

This is not totally true. Although genetics plays a big role in the length and texture of hair, it doesn’t mean that your hair cannot grow simply because you are black. It is all about developing a healthy hair regimen that will reduce breakage and split ends thereby retaining length. Think about it: your hair grows from your scalp. For relaxed ladies, you begin to feel new growth as early as 3-4 weeks post relaxer. Guess what? That’s your hair growing. The mistake we make is that we neglect our ends/tips, moisturize the scalp only with heavy creams and we are left with dry frizzy ends that break off on a daily basis. By practicing unhealthy hair habits, you don’t retain length and that’s why your hair won’t grow past a certain length. To change this, you need a total lifestyle change in the sense that you need to care for your hair on a daily basis. Moisturizing and sealing your ends daily is a must!

2. The hair needs to get dirty before a relaxer touch up.

I can understand why people think this. When your pores are clogged with dirt and heavy creams, your scalp is kind of protected from the chemicals and you don’t get burns. But what you are also doing is preventing your hair from growing for weeks because you have clogged your pores. You can get the same effect by simply basing your scalp with the same heavy cream just before your touch up. This is the ONLY time such mineral oil based creams are useful. Lol. So please you can wash and deep condition your hair up to 3-4 days before your touch up.

3. Relying on the salon to do what’s best for your hair.

Nobody knows your hair better than you! The salon can help and advice but the information you give whoever is advising you is crucial. If you have a stylist that listens to you when you when tell them certain things about your hair and advice you based on what you tell them,  you are lucky. Many of them, however, are ignorant and take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to hair. They are more concerned about how your hair looks when you leave their salon than anything else. Besides, your hair needs to be cared for daily and only you can do that. I suggest that you take your time to understand your hair, experiment with good products to see what your likes and talk to well-informed people who listen, like us! 

4. We have to stick to one line of products.

By this I mean many of us think that if we use the kera care shampoo for example, we have to use kera care conditioner and no other brand. There is no such rule. If it works for you, fine but I have found is that sometimes my hair may love the shampoo but the conditioner just leaves my hair dry and frizzy. What to do? Keep the ones that work and substitute the ones that don’t for another brand. That’s why you have to be very vigilant while taking care of your hair to know what works and what doesn’t. Most hair product manufacturers produce everything to target all potential customers but they all have their strengths and weaknesses. What we do is to try a wide range of products to see what generally works for more coarse textures because that’s what most of us have. Most of us are type 3c-4c (1 being fine/straight and 4, the most coarse/curly/coily/fragile). We recommend products based on your hair type and the information you give us. So whether the products are from the same line or mixed from different lines, the most important thing is to get the desired results.

5. Braiding/Weaves/Plaits automatically grow the hair, no extra work needed.

If these alone grew hair, most of us would have waist length hair by now! Lol. The braids themselves don’t pull out more hair from your scalp; they only help to protect your hair from daily manipulation, breakage and shedding if and only if you care for the hair properly while it is braided. In other words, these are protective styles that require the hair to be moisturized as much as possible to avoid serious breakage when taken off. Most of us neglect our hair under a weave or in braids and expect growth when we take them out. The hair will grow but more will break when taken out so at end of the day you’ve lost more than you’ve gained. I repeat, nothing beats moisturizing your hair with water based leave ins and sealing with penetrating or coating oils daily to avoid breakage. If you can, deep condition your hair in the braids. If you cannot, do not leave braids for too long because your tresses need that deep moisture from time to time. As for weaves, you can take them out deep condition and put them back on.  For people like me who plait their natural hair, its easy; co-wash, deep condition, moisturize, seal!

So quit the myths and start a new hair regimen your hair with our support! Call, ping, and come see Tresses Redefined at the Fusion Lifestyle Shopping Event on the 7th of July at the BMO Arena Wuse 2, Abuja.  We are your one stop shop for your hair care needs. Lots and lots of products, tools and accessories to choose from plus our complimentary hair consultation! See you soon! 

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