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April 26, 2013

texlax3So I have been thinking of going natural – certainly not to make a political statement, not that that is bad – but because I want  to have healthier, chemical free hair as well as try something new, exciting, different! Why not? But no! I still love the sleek look. I don’t want to have to use too much heat (damaging heat for that matter) just to get my hair straight.  But then again, natural hair is more versatile. I have the option of doing wash and go styles, twisting my hair, and still straightening it once in a while. Wait.  Once in a while? Nahhh. There has got to be a compromise. So I did my research and found that there are many others like me and the solution is to texlax.

My hair peeps, I am so excited about my new-found love for texlaxing that I can’t stop touching my hair!! Texlaxing is simply using a milder relaxer, keeping it in for a shorter period and/or skipping the smoothing part when you apply relaxer to your hair.  Essentially, you get the same results as texturizing/semi-relaxing so you can very well use a texturizer to achieve this. This process loosens your curl pattern thereby improving manageability while retaining some texture, volume and versatility. Most importantly, it is much healthier for your hair than relaxing.

On the day I was supposed to get my touch up, I decided to try texlaxing instead of relaxing bone straight. I used Mizani mild lye relaxer as opposed to the regular and sometimes even coarse strength I used in the past. Apparently, lye relaxers do not dry out your hair as much as no-lye relaxers, although the latter is milder on the scalp. The stylist based my scalp with coconut oil, and applied the relaxer generously to the new growth only.  She did this really quick as time is of the essence during this process.  It probably took 7-9 minutes total application time. Next, she smoothed my edges with her fingers only.  It is important not to comb the relaxer through your hair when you are trying to texlax because you don’t want to get bone straight. Immediately after smoothing, she washed out the relaxer, there was no wait time.

Protein reinforcement! I did my aphogee treatment after washing (see the protein treatment blog) because chemicals, no matter how mild, weaken the hair and protein will help restoretexlax 2 strength. The result: one word, luscious!! The new growth is kind of wavy but you have to look closely to really see it. So now I have texlaxed hair at the roots and relaxed hair at the tip. Right now, I am eight weeks post relaxer and I have managed the two textures very well by ensuring I have the moisture/protein balance. I plan to gradually trim my relaxed hair every time I get a texlax touch-up until I have a head full of texlaxed hair.  Alternatively, I may keep my relaxed ends and do a big chop eventually. It all depends on how it looks after my next few touch ups.

So far, I love the added texture and volume this process instantly gave me without compromising manageability which was my biggest fear.  I also love that this is a healthier option for my hair as we all know that chemicals are very damaging. With is, I’m beginning to appreciate texture in my hair and I feel like I am slowly transitioning. Soon, I just might……………

Remember: Because of the moisture in the air, this is the best time of the year to revive your hair! Get the right products and use the right methods. For those of you in Nigeria, call Pamela on 08064236689 today for products and complimentary tips.

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