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January 13, 2013

AIRDRY Happy New Year ladies!! I wish you the very best of 2013 and beyond. I hope one of your resolutions is to take better care of your hair. Now that we know how to nourish and strengthen our hair, we need to know how to seal the deal on optimum length retention. That’s why I feel a write-up air drying is very important. Enjoy!

What is air drying?

This simply means leaving your to dry with natural air and without the use of any heat (hand dryers or blow dryers). I know what you are thinking – no, I can’t do that! My hair will won’t look nice, it will puff up, frizz and become completely un manageable. Not true. You just have to know how to do it correctly. I’ll tell you how in a minute.

Why should we air dry?

Heat damages your hair causing it to break and prevent hair growth.  Therefore, air drying is the best way to retain length. Air drying allows normalization of moisture levels as the cuticle and cortex do not have all the moisture forced out of them with hot air.  Further, air drying utilizes almost no stretching or manipulation – both of which can be extremely damaging. This is not to say that you should eliminate heat completely. I will suggest that you use heat only on special occasions. Since I learned the trick of air drying the right way, I have only used heat twice. I must say that air drying makes a remarkable difference to health and length of my hair.

Now the hair is washed and deep-conditioned/co-washed, what’s next?

For air drying, products are key. You need to moisturize and seal while your hair is still damp. The first thing to do is to blot your hair with a t-shirt to absorb the excess water. Next, put in a leave-in conditioner. Leave-ins come in creamy or watery form.  You can use whichever form you prefer as long as it has good moisturizing properties. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use a whole lot of moisturizer to get results. In fact, it’s the opposite, too much will weigh your hair down, make it extra stretchy and prone to breakage. A teaspoon-tablespoon of creamy moisturizer or about 7-10 puffs of a watery moisturizer should suffice depending on the length and thickness of your hair. When applying, don’t forget to start from the tip/ends of hair and work your way up to the roots and then massage the scalp. Follow this with a sealant ie a natural oil of your choice (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil etc.), using the same application method.

Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to distribute the moisturizer and to ensure that the hair is fully detangled. Strands that are bunched up will dry matted so make sure you detangle and smooth thoroughly. The first hour of the air drying process is extremely important. This is because when your hair is wet, it has the most “memory” and as such, this time is critical to the outcome of your air dried hair. At this point, you should put your damp hair in a very low bun (the tail end of your head) and tie a silky scarf over it for the first hour. If you have short hair, simply detangle, smooth to the back and tie with a silky scarf. This process will keep your hair flat and help avoid frizz. Please avoid cotton scarves as they will absorb product, moisture and nutrients from the hair.

After the first hour, remove the scarf to allow air into the hair. I promise you once the hair is dry it will be silky smooth!

But how can I get the roller set/blow died effect without using heat?     FLXIRODS                                                                                       

If you want curls, when your hair is almost dry, roll them unto flexi-rods, satin rollers or magnetic rollers. You do not need to cut the lines like they do in the salons. Just divide your hair into small sections using your fingers and roll. Let your hair dry completely.

For the blow dried effect, after you take out the flexi-rods or rollers, wrap your hair starting from the center of your head, going round and round till you get to the edges. Tie a silky scarf overnight and voila! The result of all these methods will be smooth, healthy, bumped ends without the need for heat

As with most hair care skills – practice makes perfect.  Once you discover your magic combination of products, and you master the method, your hair will thank you with moist luscious health and enhanced length retention so put down the tools of torture, and start air drying!

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