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December 2, 2012

hair       Hello ladies! I have been MIA for very good reasons!! Hope you all are well? Here is the 411 on co-washing.

Co-washing is simply washing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. As we discussed in previous weeks, we are expected to shampoo our hair once a week, moisturize with leave ins/moisturizers and seal with oils daily. Often times, this is not sufficient/ deep penetrating enough for very dry hair. Also, shampoos strip our hair of its natural moisture, so shampooing too often could dry the hair. Therefore, co-washing is a very good alternative to washing too often.

When should we co-wash?

Most people co-wash mid-week, in between weekly shampoos. Others who shampoo every other week alternate between co-washing and shampooing weekly i.e. shampoo and deep condition this week, just co-wash next week. Personally, I co-wash when I feel the need to. If I feel like my hair is dry mid-week, I will do a quick co-wash to get that deeply moisturized feel as opposed to the coated feeling leave-ins and oils can give you sometimes when your hair is really dry from within.

Muslim ladies, listen up!! I’m convinced that co-washing was invented for you!! Lol. Why?? All those our special monthly, weekly or even daily ‘wankas’(ghusls, ritual baths, whatever you call it!!). You just had your hair done at the salon, it is all nice and sleek and suddenly you are ‘dodging’ because you don’t want to do wanka to spoil the beauty of your hair-did!!!!! Lol! You know you do it! Co-washing is the solution.  In other words, you should never pour a lot of water on your hair without following it with a conditioner, even if you have plaits/braids/cornrows on. This is because water alone will evaporate and leave your hair dry and frizzy.

Co-washing is very good for braids or plaits. Ladies, please you should never use rubbing alcohol to clean your scalp when you have braids on. That is just wrong!! Co-wash instead. Your hair still needs to be moisturized even when you have braids to avoid breakage when you take out the braids.

 How to co-wash.

Simply wet your hair, massage a good moisturizing conditioner into your scalp and hair, rinse thoroughly. You will be surprised how clean and revived your hair will be. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s very very effective. 

What are the best co-washing conditioners?

Any good moisturizing conditioner will work. However, most people prefer to use cheaper, watery, instant conditioners like hair milks. Watery conditioners are generally cheaper and less viscous, meaning they’ll slide easily onto the strands for cleansing and rinse away cleanly. These conditioners have a runny, lotion-like consistency unlike deep conditioners which are often more like creams. Save the super rich, thick and creamy conditioners for deep conditioning.

You need to check the silicone content of your instant conditioner if you plan to co-wash very often.  Silicones are ingredients used in hair products to lubricate the surface of the hair so it feels smoother and combs easier (Makes your hair feel slippery and less tangled). It also reduces porosity and loss of moisture from the hair. However, silicones cause product build up in your hair, which is why I still recommend you shampoo at least every two weeks.  Some people, especially natural heads, skip shampoos altogether and stick to co-washing with silicone-free conditioners. In summary, if you plan to co-wash more often than you shampoo, then you should find a silicone-free conditioner. Otherwise, you are good since the regular shampooing will reduce the silicone build up.

I recommend  moisture milk, Suave tropical coconut, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Aussie moist conditioner, carols daughter hair milk co-wash cleansing conditioner or any watery low protein instant conditioner. Some people dilute their deep conditioners to use as instant conditioners. It’s all a matter of preference.

What’s next?

Air drying and no-heat styling! Watch this space! But before then I will like to hear more from you.  Do you have a hair regimen? What works/does not work for you?  Do you see a difference? Let us share our experiences. Looking forward to chatting soon….

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  1. samiah permalink

    I am a newbie to taking proper care of my hair but I have been following all your tips religiously and my hair is totally brand new! I am still working on adding volume as I had lost a lot of hair in my pre-taking care days, but I have MOST DEF. gained length, shine and my hair hardly breaks. If you have any tips on how to get fuller hair, kindly share

    • Samiah, I’m glad you get the hang of the whole thing and you are patient enough to see results. For thicker/fuller hair first I recommend a good trim as a start off. You will be surprised the diffference even a one inch trim can make. Make sure the person trimming your hair is a professional that knows what she is doing. Second, use the blowdryer and flat iron sparingly. If possible, eliminate totally. Rollerset using the biggest rollers possible. That will voluminize your hair instantly. Third, try using castor oil to massage your scalp daily. A lot pple swear by black jamaican castor oil to achieve thinker strands. Hope this helps.

  2. ummi kassim permalink

    Sauda…really gud work,ur tips r very very helpful….thanx a lot and keep it up!!!!

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