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Q & As on moisturizing your hair by Sauda Musa

October 13, 2012

Hello ladies. It has been two weeks!  It was nice to get feedback from you and I am glad that you found the write-up self- explanatory.

Do you have dry, thirsty hair? Do you “steam” your hair once every month? Do you “oil” your scalp and hair with heavy-looking creams and the like? Do you want to know what’s best for your hair? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this is for you! Here is the 411 about moisturizing your hair.

What is moisture in the hair context?

Simply water. Water is the ultimate moisturizer but as you know, water evaporates, therefore we need other ingredients to keep it in our hair. All other ingredients in shampoos, conditioners etc. aid water absorption and retention.

What is a moisture treatment?

 It is a treatment that hydrates the hair by absorbing water into your hair shaft and keeping it locked inside for as long as possible.

How important is it?

 Extremely important. The most important part of your hair care routine, even more important than protein treatment.  Hair is more likely to break from dryness than any other cause. Therefore, we should moisturize our hair religiously. It cannot be over-emphasized.

What are different ways we can add moisture to our hair?

There are three main ways: Deep conditioning, co-washing, and daily moisturizing and sealing.

What are these?

Deep conditioning – Using a thick creamy looking water-based conditioner to restore lost moisture to the hair.

Co-washing- Using a conditioner only to wash your hair and restore moisture.

Daily moisturizing and sealing – Using a water-based, leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair and a sealant (oils) to lock the moisture in.


Deep conditioning– Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Remember to be gentle while washing your hair to avoid tangles.  Apply a good quality deep conditioner starting from the ends and working your way up to the scalp, massaging it in. Concentrate on the ends.  I usually add a tablespoon full of natural shea butter (I melt it by microwaving it) and a teaspoon of honey to my deep conditioner. They are humectants and aid absorption of water into the hair. These will help especially if your deep conditioner is not one of the best out there.

 Cover with a plastic cap and go under a dryer/steamer for 15-30 minutes. If you do not have access to a steamer, no worries, you can just leave it in while you take care of other things around the house or tie a scarf to go out or leave it in overnight.

Before you rinse off, gently comb with the widest tooth comb you have. Again, remember to comb from bottom to top, not top to bottom. At this point, your hair should have slip. Your hair has got slip when it is completely tangle-free and breaks minimally when you comb it wet. That’s what you want to achieve every time you deep condition your hair. If you follow this approach and you do not get the slip, try a different deep conditioner.

How often should we shampoo and deep condition?

You should shampoo and DC once every week. Your hair and scalp need to be cleansed from the dirt and product build-up. Also, two weeks or longer is too long a time to DC for the type of hair we have. No matter how much you moisturize your hair daily, we need that deep, penetrating treatment to replenish.

How can we identify good moisturizing products?

First, look out for the words moisturizing, hydrating, replenishing, conditioning, nourishing etc. When you see those words, you know that the product some moisturizing elements at least. Second, look at the ingredients to make sure it does not contain petroleum products.  Every good moisturizing product will have water/aqua as its first ingredient followed by other ingredients that aid water absorption (glycerin, butters, honey, oils, fruit extracts etc).

The third thing I look out for is protein (hydrolyzed silk protein, keratin, soy protein etc.). Protein is not necessarily a bad ingredient in moisturizing products. However, if the protein content is high then you don’t want to use that product weekly.  But how do we know how much protein is in it? If the protein is one of the first five ingredients listed then the protein content is high, if it is at the bottom of the list then it is most likely low.  To be on the safe side, it is better to avoid products that contain protein altogether. I must say that it can be challenging to find such products.

What products do I recommend?

Shampoos and Deep Conditioners: Aubrey Organics honeysuckle rose shampoo and conditioner, Keracare moisturizing shampoo and Humecto, Neutrogena triple moisture shampoo and deep recovery mask, Mizani moisturizing shampoo and Moisturefuse conditioner,  Carols daughter tui  or black vanilla shampoo and hair smoothie, Crème of nature ultra moisturizing shampoo and nourishing conditioner.

Where can I get all these products?

We have been getting a lot of demand for hair products. For those of you in Abuja, Nigeria, the products will be arriving very soon!!! Please contact my partner, Pamela Hagher (she is a hair guru, by the way!!) for more info. Her number is 08064236689.

 What’s next?

Next week we will discuss co-washing and daily moisturizing and sealing in detail. You want to stay connected to seal the deal on adding moisture to your hair! Also, please follow us so you get  e-mailed everytime we post.   

P.S.-I recommended the motions line 2 weeks ago for protein treatment. Apparently, it has mineral oil , I can’t believe I didn’t see that. I am so sorry about that. I have taken it off the product list.

Have a blessed week ahead!!!

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  1. raheela lawal permalink

    Masha Allah! Needed these tips lyk yesterday! Thanx a lot!

  2. biba permalink

    Its great we can get these products in Abuja. If you had a salon, it would have been superb to enable me get the best treatment.
    Well done, keep it up.

    • Thank you so much. Will let you know as soon as the products arrive. Maybe a salon will come in the nearest future Insha Allah!

  3. Doosuur permalink

    Very enlightening. Keep up the good job. Thanks for sharing pam

  4. jamjam permalink

    Nice write-up. Very enlightening. Weekly DC is a bit too frequent for me though. Isn’t there any treatment to last at least 2weeks? I lost my hair after a spell and trying to get it back. I presently use Organics Root Stimulator products (Hair Mayo, Uplifting Shampoo etc). I didn’t see it on your list. Am I on the right path?

    • ORS hair mayo is on the list for protein treatments. Its a good product but weekly use is too frequent. You will need f=to find a moisturizing set as well. You can dc your hair every two weeks if you want but honestly, for our type of hair, every week is ideal for optimum hair retention.

  5. Leemoh permalink

    What about Profective and Olive oil products? Good or bad? And please expand ur research n list of products to ones available to us in Naija lol..cuz wat happens if we can’t readily get d products on ur recommended list here regularly?

    • Hello leemoh. My list is definitely not exhaustive. There are so many great products out there. I have never tried profective, if it works for you and it does not have all the bad stuff in it, then stick with it. You need to know whether you are using their moisture or protein line and how to use it using the guidelines ive been providing. However, I like to recommend products that I have either tried or consultants have recommended. Most of the products sold in nigeria have the bad stuff unfortunately. If you are interested in any of the products ive listed, you can contact pamela and u will have a steady supply 🙂

  6. jasmine permalink

    Thanx 4 dis knowledge sharing.
    So what do I do? Relating it to keeping my hair moisturized. Cos I do other things to my hair like braiding,weaves & fixing. I carry my natural hair for 1month in 3-4mths. And thatz d period I treat my hair b4 doing somethn else to it.
    Apart from Abuja, any idea where else we cld get these prdcts U̶̲̥̅̊ recommend? At least for those of us dat don’t live in Abj.

    • You are welcome jasmine. You need to keep your hair moisturized when you have weaves on otherwise when you take it out, it will break seriously because you have kept if for months without taking care of it. For braids. you can co-wash it every now and then (2 weeks maybe??). Im going to discuss co washing at length this week. Also, you should not neglect daily moisturizing and sealing simply because you have braids or a weave on. You should invest in a liquid spray leave-in to get into your hair as much as you can.This will prevent excessive dryness which will cause breakage when you loosen. Lastly, I advise not to keep braids and weaves on for too long. In my opinion, one month is long enough. You can take out, wash, deep condition and put it back but be sure to co-wash in betwwen and moisturize ansd seal daily. Hope this helps

  7. ronke permalink

    this is interesting, thank you. I always leave out my front hair because of how I like my weaves(hair oUT)as much as i try to take care of that front bit for the 3-4weeks while the weave is on, that bit of my hair gets dry and even breaks,maybe i am not doing it the right way,any tips please?

    • Thanks ronke and sorry for the super late reply. I think it will help significantly to moisturize your left out hair and seal daily. and for the rest of the hair that has the weave on it, invest in a good spray leave in and use it daily as well. This will definitely help to keep your hair moisturized till you can deep condition. And ofcos, deep condition as sson as you take the weave out.

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